My time and energy is dedicated to writing and broadcasting. A University of St Andrews and University of Goettingen alumnus, I started working as a freelance journalist after graduation, covering football, sport politics and migration. Over the course of my (limited) career, my work has appeared in The Times, BBC, ESPN, DW, The Spectator, Der Spiegel, Die ZEIT, Neue Z├╝rcher Zeitung, Der Tagesspiegel, 11 Freunde, Sport Bild, and The Ringer, among others.

I once was a foreign correspondent for a German press agency, a broadcast journalist for German television, a columnist for a Japanese magazine, an agency photographer in London, a muddle-headed student in Istanbul, an overworked researcher in Parisian archives, a guide in Indian metropolises, a city councillor at 19, and a few other things. My academic and journalistic articles have been published in various languages including English, German, French, Italian, Russian, Arabic, and Japanese. Unfortunately, I only speak some of them.